Tulsa Oklahoma's Primere Take Out Only Old fashioned Burger Joint located right off of Route 66.
We offer quick service Burgers, Chili Dogs, All beef hot dogs & Tacos and you've gotta try our fresh squeezed lemonade!

Hey there, I’m The Food Dude and think it is pretty cool that you stopped by. We are Tulsa’s Groovy Burger, Dogs & Taco Spot located in the old Lot-A-Burger building just off Route 66, about 2 blocks East of Southwest Blvd on West 23rd Street. We are a different company, different owners, but still serving awesome food and burgers. We have a great crew and manager who has been serving up awesome burgers for over 35 years! That’s a LOT of Burgers.

We offer Drive-thru and Walk-up Window service; Online ordering is available and Delivery Services coming soon. No inside dinning but we do have a few picnic tables for outdoor dinning. We also have a Food Trailer for Catering and Special Events, so you never know where you might see The Food Dude’s Burger Joint Trailer somewhere close to your area. We have some of the BEST Old-Fashioned Hamburgers in town and my good friend The Hot Dog Chef, makes a pretty good Hot Dog or Chili Dog. He evens whips up some Fancy Gourmet Dogs for catering events and I throw together some awesome Street Tacos (but with the Dude’s version) that could include beef, chicken, duck, lamb, or you never know what I might do.

If you like a good ole fashioned burger, dog or taco then stop by and check us out. Some local favorites are the BIG DUDE Double Meat Double Cheeseburger, FRIED DUDE where we Deep Fry the Patty (not beaded) and top it off with a Fried Egg, or the Dude’s version of the OKLAHOMA ONION BURGER. Either way we would be excited to see you stop by and “if” I am there (The Food Dude) I would love to snap a picture with you so I can remember some of our awesome customer for years to come.

We will see you soon and thanks for making us Tulsa’s #1 Burger, Dogs & Taco Spot.

The Food Dude

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The Food Dude's Burger Joint
Here at The Food Dude's Burger Joint in Tulsa, OK, we serve burgers, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches, and more. We are located at the corner of 23rd St and Nogales Ave near the Gathering Place! Order online for carryout!
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